Sea Cliff Villas
Your Oasis in the Caribbean
US Virgin Islands!

Discover Paradise

Escape to the tranquil shores on the island of St Thomas, where Sea Cliff Villas invites you to experience the beauty, comfort, and resilience of island living. With 75 individual and privately owned units, we offer the perfect blend of luxury and natural wonder.

Your Island Retreat

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of the Caribbean Sea and stepping onto your own private balcony with panoramic views of crystal-clear waters and lush tropical landscapes. At Sea Cliff Villas, each unit is designed to provide you with the ultimate in relaxation and convenience. From modern amenities to spacious interiors, your island retreat awaits.

Sustainable Luxury

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Our cutting-edge Reverse Osmosis (RO) water maker ensures that you have access to the purest, environmentally-friendly water right from the sea. Plus, with two reliable generators on standby, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you're prepared for any weather event.

Explore St Thomas

Beyond our pristine waters, the vibrant culture and natural beauty of St Thomas beckon you to explore. From world-class diving and snorkeling to vibrant local markets and historic sites, this island paradise has something for everyone.

Come and Stay

Whether you're planning a vacation, considering a permanent move, or seeking an investment opportunity, Sea Cliff Villas is your gateway to a world of island living. Plan your trip today and start your journey living in paradise.

Join Us in Paradise

We invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of Sea Cliff Villas in the US Virgin Islands. Discover the true essence of island living with us. Your paradise awaits.